Patient Transport Scheduling Solution for Assisted Living & Nursing Homes

Easily Schedule and Reschedule with Your Transportation Providers without Phone Calls – Under 60 Seconds.

Our Impact on Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Centers


Reduced call time to schedule rides


Savings on ride costs


Average staff hours recaptured per month


Fewer complaints on transportation

Why Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Centers Love Ryde Central

Easily Manage Constantly Changing Appointment Schedules to Reduce Errors and Complaints

Once a transport appointment is set or rescheduled on your Ryde Central calendar, Ryde Central will do the rest for you – from notifying the transport providers to getting you the right transport and giving you real-time status updates.

  • On-time transport – Once a transport schedule is set, your network of transport providers will be notified of your transport request. Providers with availability will schedule the right vehicle for your transport appointment.
  • No More Phone Calls – Because Ryde Central notifies your transport providers for you, your staff no longer needs to make phone calls to find and schedule transports.
  • Streamlined Communication – Because you and your transport providers are connected on the Ryde Central platform, statuses of each appointment can be tracked in real-time.

Booking the Right Vehicle to Save Costs and Reduce Complaints

Sending the wrong transport is one the major causes of delays and increased transport cost. Ryde Central’s built-in algorithm uses the data you provided to ensure that the senior citizens get the correct transport with the required medical equipment.

  • Automating Level of Service – Before requesting a transport, you are required to fill out a questionnaire about the patient or senior citizen and her transport needs. Ryde Central will use that information to determine what type of vehicle is needed, what medical equipment are needed for the transport.
  • Autofill PCS Forms – Getting PCS for ambulance transports will no longer be a hurdle. Ryde Central will use the information you provided to automatically fill out a PCS form for you to submit for billing.
  • Interface with Transport Provider’s CAD – Ryde Central interfaces directly with the transport provider’s CAD to ensure that they have the right transport for your scheduled appointment.

Efficient Booking on All Transports to Recapture Staff Hours and Increase Efficiency

Scheduling transports by phone is outdated. It consumes both you and your provider’s resources, and it adds the risks of errors in schedule or transport type. Ryde Central eliminates the use of phone for assisted living and nursing home transport scheduling by bringing both you and your transport providers onto a platform with a shared calendar with streamlined data and communication.

  • Automated Scheduling – Instead of making phone calls to schedule, simply post a transport request based on your appointment time on Ryde Central, and your network of transport providers with availability will come to you. This whole process takes less than 60 seconds.
  • Tiered Provider Selection – Policies can be preset so transport requests first go to a preferred group of providers. If that group couldn’t fulfill your request, then the request can automatically go to the Tier 2 group or other providers.
  • Real-time Status Updates – Real-time status updates of each ride are pushed to all parties, including the patient, you and the provider. Real-time status can also be tracked on the Ryde Central platform at any time.

How Ryde Central Works for Assisted Living Centers and Nursing Homes


A senior citizen in your assisted living center accidentally fell. The injury is minor but requires medical attention. Your staff schedules a ride:


1. Fill out a questionnaire about the patient, transport needs, and transport time.

2. Electronic PCS form automatically filled and generated.

3. The transport request is broadcasted to your network of transport providers.


A member of your network gets notified of your booking request. They can choose to accept or deny the request after logging into Ryde Central.


1. If your request was accepted, the new booking will reflect onto your Ryde Central account and to the provider’s CAD.

2. If no one accepts the request, then the request will go to the next tier of providers, as determined by preset policies.


Once the transport commences, the real-time status of the ride will be visible throughout the entire transport process.


1. Live status and location of the transport is updated in real-time inside the Ryde Central platform for you to track at any time.

2. Receive notifications of any status updates via text or email.


Custom reports can be generated to provide insights into the patient transport process.

Secure, Intelligent, and Scalable

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

1. Load Your Ambulance Network

Load the contact information of the providers that you work with into Ryde Central. We will create an account for them.

2. Configure Automation Policies

Configure automation policies and workflow, such as grouping providers by tiers and when to offer a transport request to a certain tier.

3. Connect with CAD and EHRs

Connect Ryde Central with your EHR and with the provider’s CAD to ensure accuracy in scheduling and transport type.