Patient Transport Made EXTREMELY Easy.

Maximize Efficiency. Reduce Costs. Eliminate Guesswork.

Schedule transports in less than 60 seconds.

Brokerages, insurance companies, hospitals and nursing homes can forget all the hassles with calls, paperwork, and determining ETA. Ryde Central REVOLUTIONIZES this entire process and enables you to schedule transports in ONE step.

Reduced Cost

An efficient process saves time and reduce personnel costs. Ryde Central has built-in algorithms that determines the level of service, which prevent you from requesting higher and more expensive levels of transportation services unnecessarily. This saves money for both the patient and health care system.

No More Guesswork

Ryde Central uses the patient information you provided to determine the transportation needed and complete a Medical Necessity/Physician Certification Form. The transport request is sent electronically to transport providers approved by your organization. All levels of transportations are included, including taxicab, wheelchair vans, Basic Life Support and Critical Care Ambulance.

Data-Driven Reports

Easily track the performance of each of your transport provider, such as on-time performance and cost. Other reports include transport trends, patient movements, projected transport cost and more.

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